Getting Started

To integrate with the LOKE Platform you will need the following:

  1. API credentials, which you can get from your partnership or project manager
  2. Follow the steps one of the integration guides at the end of this page
  3. Using our API reference (see side navigation)

If you have any technical difficulties, contact your partnership or project manager who will help you throughout the integration process and put you in contact with relevant technical advice.

Making Requests

  • Authorization is needed to access most of the endpoints; however, the /status endpoint doesn't need authorization.

  • The token is tied to the organization hence you will need to generate a new token with another orgId if you want to access another organization.

  • See Authentication for more details.


  • Add this access token to your request header.


const token = "YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN";

fetch("{orgId}/locations/{locId}/menu", {
  method: "GET",
  headers: {
    authorization: `Bearer ${token}`,


If you are looking to integrate a POS for ordering, please check out the Menu Integration Guide first. Once menus are integrated then check out the Order Flow Guide

If you are looking to integrate a CRM, please check out the CRM Integration Guide.

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